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What We Do

WAVE’s Farm Initiative Supports Children Garden Home

WAVE has initiated a farming project that serves multiple purposes, including vocational training, income generation, and improved nutrition for the children.
The farm allows the children to learn valuable agricultural skills, which can be essential for their future employment opportunities and self-reliance. By engaging in farming activities, the children receive hands-on training in crop cultivation, animal husbandry, and sustainable farming practices. 
Moreover, the produce from the farm contributes to the daily meals provided at Children Garden Home, ensuring that the children have access to fresh, nutritious food. Additionally, surplus produce can be sold in local markets, generating income to support the organization’s various programs and initiatives.

Innovative Programs at Our Kenyan Rescue Center IT Lab and Beyond

In just three years, our initiatives have impacted the lives of over 2,000 children in Kenya. At the heart of our efforts is an IT lab. This facility provides children with access to modern technology and computer education, equipping them with essential digital skills that are crucial in today’s tech-driven world. The IT lab not only enhances their educational experience but also prepares them for future opportunities in higher education and employment.
Additionally, we offer educational support, health services, and recreational activities, ensuring that children receive comprehensive care and guidance. Our programs are designed to foster self-reliance, confidence, and a sense of community, ultimately enabling these children to envision and achieve a brighter future.

Bringing Clean Water to Communities in Kenya through Drilling Projects

In many marginalized areas of Kenya, access to safe drinking water remains a significant challenge, impacting health, education, and economic stability. We are committed to changing this narrative, one well at a time. Our mission is to provide sustainable access to clean water for communities in need. By drilling deep wells, we ensure a reliable source of safe water, reducing waterborne diseases and improving overall quality of life.
We identify areas with the greatest need and use advanced drilling techniques to reach clean water aquifers. Each well is equipped with hand pumps or solar-powered systems to ensure ease of access. We also train local communities in well maintenance and water management, fostering self-sufficiency and long-term sustainability.