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WAVE Children’s Foundation is an international nonprofit organization, working in collaboration with underserved communities in Kenya to bring about sustainable solutions for everyday challenges. We work in food and education programs, supporting children rescue centers and orphanages with a variety of integrated projects focusing on basic needs.

 All our sustainable community development projects are local team-led, however, we are also committed to empowering international volunteers to see themselves as global citizens and agents of change.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where every child has the foundation they need to thrive. We work to ensure children without permanent families have access to stable housing, nourishing food, healthcare, and education. We empower these children by cultivating supportive communities focused on helping them become self-sufficient and engaged citizens who contribute positively to society.

Our Mission

The mission of WAVE Children's Foundation is to uplift underserved children worldwide by providing for their basic needs. We empower orphanages and rescue centers to become self-sustaining businesses that can nurture children to reach their full potential.

Our Team

Meet our small, but mighty team

Jens von Gierke
Founder & Executive Chairman
Laguna Niguel, CA USA

Recognizing the need for sustainable support of children's education and wellbeing, Jens founded WAVE Children's Foundation in 2020 to enrich learning environments and expand opportunities for youth in Kenya. Through WAVE, Jens strives to nurture the whole child by promoting health, reducing barriers inside and outside the classroom, and guiding young people toward bright futures full of possibility. Driven by compassion and hope, WAVE serves as a nurturing presence in communities, helping children thrive academically and in life.

Nicole Von Gierke
Laguna Niguel, CA USA

Nicole has cultivated a nurturing bond with the WAVE CF youth, serving as a warm and uplifting presence in their lives. Though separated by physical distance, her heart remains ever-present with the children in Africa owing to her profound devotion to their happiness and wellbeing. Whether through organizing impactful fundraising events, spreading awareness to mobilize resources, or through hands-on volunteer work, Nicole continually strives to bring joy and optimism into the young lives frequently darkened by misfortune. Her vibrant smile and compassionate spirit never fail to cheer up the children during her visits.

Natalia Von Gierke
Director of Marketing
Fort Worth, TX USA

Moved by the transformative power of her 2018 trip to Kenya, Natalia has found purpose in using her talents to uplift vulnerable children. Now a marketing student at Texas Christian University, she dedicates her skills in digital media and global business to give voice to young lives in need. As marketing director for her family's non-profit, she bridges vital connections between nations to implement projects on the ground. Fueled by passion and compassion alike, Natalia brings both strategy and heart to empower youth halfway around the world.

Sophia Von Gierke
san diego, cA USA

Driven by compassion, Sophia brings her whole heart to the children of Africa. A student-athlete at Point Loma Nazarene, she delights in blending her passion for sports, nutrition and service into her work with WAVE Children's Foundation. Whether getting creative with arts and crafts or keeping active through play, Sophia connects with youth through joy. By teaching children healthy cooking traditions that nourish every body, she helps lay the foundation for healthy lives filled with promise. Guided by her unyielding care, she runs towards a future where every child has the support they need to thrive.

Albert Muindi
Operations Director
Nairobi, Kenya

With wisdom beyond his years, Albert dedicates his talents to expanding possibilities for Kenyan youth. As operations director for WAVE Children's Foundation, his passion and 4 years of experience steer impactful community initiatives. Serving as a bridge between international supporters and in-country needs, Albert's heartfelt coordination enriches young lives through access to education, nutrition and healthcare. His calling is to empower - collaborating with local leaders to foster resources, spearheading outreach efforts, and ensuring children feel seen, safe and valued. Albert moves with genuine intention, allowing compassion to guide his days lifting youth voices, coordinating critical meetings, and keeping dreams within reach. He knows potential takes many forms - his work grants it the opportunity to unfold, and young people space to envisage brighter futures.

Brian Munene
Project Coordinator
Nairobi, Kenya

Guided by a spirit of service, Brian dedicates his hospitality expertise to enriching children's lives. The native Kenyan understands that when we unite in purpose, even small acts can equate to unlocked potential for youth in need. Now as project coordinator for WAVE CF, Brian draws on his compassion and nearly a decade in tourism to spearhead initiatives granting access to education. Whether raising awareness, planning fundraisers or opening doors, he moves with the community close to his heart – believing that the right tools positioned early can empower young people to write their own futures.

Stephanie Mccarthy
Internal operations Coordinator
Fort Worth, TX USA

Driven by compassion and purpose, Stephanie champions vulnerable youth through her talents in communications. Currently studying political science at Texas Christian University, she interns with WAVE Children's Foundation - dedicating her skills to expanding opportunities for children in need. As Internal Operations, Stephanie builds connections between nations, assisting with marketing, public outreach, and driving initiatives on the ground in Kenya.

WAVE Children’s Foundation is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization. EIN 85-2738630