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About Us

Working As One Through Von Gierke Family

WAVE Children’s Foundation is an international nonprofit organization, working in collaboration with underserved communities in Kenya to bring about sustainable solutions for everyday challenges. We work in food and education programs, supporting children rescue centers and orphanages with a variety of integrated projects focusing on basic needs.

All our sustainable community development projects are local team-led, however, we are also committed to empowering international volunteers to see themselves as global citizens and agents of change.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where every child has the foundation they need to thrive. We work to ensure children without permanent families have access to stable housing, nourishing food, healthcare, and education. We empower these children by cultivating supportive communities focused on helping them become self-sufficient and engaged citizens who contribute positively to society.
Our ultimate goal is to disrupt generational disadvantage and create environments where vulnerable youth can heal, grow, and unlock their full potential.
Core values:
Forward thinking

Our Mission

The mission of WAVE Children’s Foundation is to uplift underserved children worldwide by providing for their basic needs. We empower orphanages and rescue centers to become self-sustaining businesses that can nurture children to reach their full potential.



Core values:
WAVE stands for :
W- Working
A- As one through the
V-Von Gierke Family
E- Everywhere

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