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Wave Children’s Foundation
Where Diversity
Impactful Change
WAVE Children’s Foundation is a diverse team of passionate leaders in Kenya dedicated to improving the lives of children through sustainable programs. Our mission is rooted in cooperation and a shared commitment to making a lasting difference. By working together, we design and implement initiatives that provide long-term benefits to the communities we serve. 

Our programs are diverse, ranging from educational initiatives and healthcare improvements to community development and child protection. Each project is carefully designed to address specific needs, ensuring that our efforts are both effective and sustainable.

Purpose-driven donor trips

One of the unique aspects of WAVE Children’s Foundation is our purpose-driven trips. These trips offer our donors a chance to experience the tangible impacts of their contributions firsthand.

Transformative donor visits

By visiting our projects, donors can see how their support is transforming lives and fostering positive change. These immersive experiences provide a deeper understanding of our work, allowing donors to connect more profoundly with the foundation’s mission and the children we support.

How We Help

Sustainability is more than just completed projects; it is providing hope and empowerment for our impact centers in Kenya. A lifetime commitment that we made, and we continue to work to ensure all programs are active.

What We Have Done

Since 2019, we've worked closely with Nairobi's local leaders, focusing on sustainable community development projects. Children's Garden Home stands as a shining success, guiding our future initiatives across Kenya.

Our Impact

We funded for another Primary School and community and dorm another bore hole, which was never possible, due to its location. We accomplished this with again, hands on approach and due diligence and flow through on the ground and in the wild.
At WAVE Children’s Foundation, we believe that by engaging our donors in the field and demonstrating the real-world impacts of their generosity, we can build stronger, more meaningful relationships.
This approach not only helps us achieve our goals but also ensures that our supporters feel truly connected to the cause they are championing.
Join us on a journey of purpose and see how your contributions can create a wave of positive change.

Sustainable Development in Nairobi: Our Journey Since 2019

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